We are furniture maker John Luff, partner Jules, and chief product testers Rowan (8) and Olive (4).


It all started when Rowan was 4 years old. He'd done hand prints, foot prints, scribbles and splodges of colour - they were stuck to cupboards and walls thoughout the kitchen. We were proud of his art, and would stick it back up when it dropped to the floor as the tack gave way. But then his pictures changed - he started drawing rainbows. Beautiful, colourful rainbows. And houses and cars and tractors. Uplifting pictures that we wanted to frame and hang in the living room, if only for a day or two until the next masterpiece came along.


We looked for a product, something to quickly and easily frame his pictures, made from real wood that would look great in our house, and we couldn't find one. So we designed one.

It's a family business.


'When my children proudly present me with their beautiful artwork they wait eagerly for me to display them but I always struggled! Especially with the ones that had lots of accessories stuck onto them as they're usually heavy and fall straight off the fridge magnets!


My new frames are fantastic as they hold the precious items in place but more's so quick and easy to setup! I can even change the pictures on a daily basis to keep up with the constant supply.'


- Emma Partridge