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The Instant Art Frame



So we wanted to frame some. Quickly. In a real wood frame that would look great in any room.


We couldn't find one, so we designed one.


We love kids' art

It's all about the clip

A single bulldog clip sits in a specially shaped recess in the back of the frame.


Press the clip. Insert artwork. Use the clip to hang the frame on the wall. It's that simple!


Want to change from portrait to landscape? No problem. There are two recesses in the back of the frame. Simply pull the clip out of one recess and press it in to the other.




No board. No glass.

There's no backing board - the wall itself pushes the artwork against the back of the frame.


And there's no glass, so 3D artwork is not a problem.




Made in Devon.

Our frames are handmade in Devon from responsibly sourced British timbers. They are finished in a blend of high quality oils that nourish and protect the wood.


The design is patented in the UK.


One day we hope they'll be in a large retailer, but for now you can only buy them here. Visit our shop to find out more.